Kimpton Love

My love of Kimpton started with a hotel in Philly. Kimpton Monaco in Philly I saw years ago and always wanted to stay. For my 31st birthday I figured it was time to finally check it out. That started my great love affair with the brand. Seriously they treat us so well I practically plan vacations around Kimptons. We are usually upgraded, if not we get amazing service like cupcakes for my birthday, champagne for anniversaries, or chocolate kisses, just seriously there is no brand like Kimpton. I hound people to stay at Kimptons when they go someplace and there is one. “How can you not stay at one?” and the best thing of all they love pets! no pet fees! I have to rant for a second how do hotels get off charging pet fees? Seriously the Trump Soho wants $250 NONrefundable for a dog. Nonsense. I could see holding a fee and if room is fine returning it, but nonrefundable for a tiny Chihuahua is ridiculous to me. What are my dogs gonna do?  Kimpton doesn’t charge a fee and they love dogs. This hotel in Philly is just gorgeous. I’d call it my favorite hotel in the world. I even got a couch in our living room that looks very similar to this one! I’d say they inspired me.


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