Kitchen Reno

We’re about to eventually start on our kitchen reno. Still going over layout designs with the designer. I did one part of the kitchen that I could, the table,window area. Then also updated some appliances. Obviously cabinets, floor, backsplash I can’t do myself. My hubs installed the awesome light from West Elm instead of a fan we never used. We had an electrician put in the recessed lighting. I always forget to take a before shot! Before we had one of those 80s style long fluorescent lights.  Everything is going to be stainless steel (still have a white dishwasher ick) that’ll be next but we did get the new fridge and stove. Best buy had the best black Friday sales seriously. Along with great financing if you have the card. I love financing isn’t it better to hold onto your money in savings if you can have interest free financing? As long as you pay it off you technically make money as you are paying for things, as you add up interest in your savings. Only if you pay it off before the due date!!!!! Otherwise then no you only add on interest lol. I also love our kitchen table from Pottery Barn. We rarely sit in the kitchen to eat and we had this huge table basically taking up space. I also love the curtains from West Elm, as long as it’s not by cooking it’s fine to have longer curtains in a kitchen. Photos I love too. My dad argued the whole time thru renovating on how none of this should be done in a kitchen. I guess I missed the rule book of kitchens lol. I’m not about to have pics of fruit because it’s a kitchen 🙂


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