The Catskills

Since I was a kid we went upstate (what we call it here) usually once a year. Then we stopped going (my parents divorced) years later like 10 years later, I started going back up in my mid 20s. Now I haven’t been up there in like 2 years but I miss it. Woke up remembering when we stayed further up there and rented this house overlooking everything. We’d wake up to watch the sunrise. It was amazing. I loved this house but the guy we rented from was the worst. He was in Europe and trying to rent it himself with no help. First without telling his new housekeeper, she changed the code innocently. Imagine driving 3 hours then you get to house and can’t get inside! It was also raining when we first got there. Then you call # he gave you and it says out of the country. Then you call # on website and they are like I don’t work for him anymore. We were about to just turn around and go home, demanding our money back when the former employee asked around and found his new housekeeper for us who gave us the code. Even she was like how could he not tell me he had people coming up? Months later he’d email like a mass email asking when people stayed because his housekeeper had supposedly let people rent and would keep the money herself. It just came off so unprofessional. He promised 10% off the next rental if replied to, then never said another word. Pretty sure someone else owns the house now. If you live in the city and buy a house up there to rent you need to have a housekeeper or someone in the area to take care of things. Unless you are driving up yourself lol. If something happens the renter doesn’t want to know well you can be there in 3 hours to help! Beautiful house but the most unprofessional rental person we’ve ever dealt with.


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