June 2012 Niagara Falls!

A year and a half into dating we planned a wonderful trip to Niagara falls. I had always wanted to go and was happy finally I was going to go with my awesome boyfriend. We stayed at the Hilton in a suite with amazing views of the falls. We ate an early dinner at the water view restaurant called the Watermark. A rainbow popped up it was perfect! My boyfriend seemed more quiet then usual but we drove I think it was 8 hours? So whatever. The next day I was like we have to ride the maid of the mist even though it was raining and overall horrible weather. My boyfriend was dragging behind I was like come on seriously? Putting his rain/mist cover thing they gave you. Halfway into the boat ride as we came up to the mist my boyfriend who was blocking the mist from spraying me suddenly got down on his knee like wtf is he tying his shoe? Now I had water spraying me in the face lol. I no longer cared when I see he’s a holding a ring and proposing! 🙂 hence what he was getting out of his pocket as I ran to get on the boat and wondered what he was doing! Hence why he was more quiet then usual because he was so nervous lol. I have no idea what the mist looks like up close, I don’t even remember the rest of the boat ride. But I remember saying omg omg omg and getting the ring on. I remember hugging him and kissing him. I couldn’t believe it was happening. In a matter of seconds it went from my boyfriend to my fiance. I couldn’t wait to get off the boat to call my mom, to talk photos, to text everyone, to post it on fb etc lol. It was soaking wet so I wasn’t taking my cell out at that moment. 4 1/2 years later as much as I love our story I’m like you couldn’t propose the day before at the nice quiet restaurant with the rainbow and the falls in the background? Instead of a loud, soaking wet boat ride? He wouldn’t be my husband then if he didn’t do things his way lol. Plus we have the coolest story I know.  I had the coolest nails too 🙂  Waking up to this every morning for a few days was amazing. There is nothing in the world like Niagara Falls! P.s. the Hilton was the best.


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