Le Pavillon New Orleans

In 2014 I decided to visit my mom one last time down there. I get along fine with my mom. It’s my grandma I’m estranged from. I figured if we stayed in New Orleans I’d have fun and of course she’d have fun (she lives out in Picayune MS) Just when I thought of that this hotel popped up on groupon. Talk about a sign! I got an awesome deal and 3 nights in New Orleans. The hotel is historic (not usually my type but I loved it) It had this gorgeous pool on the rooftop. The coolest thing was the late night peanut butter & Jelly sandwiches, plus hot chocolate. Every night we’d get at least the hot chocolate. I mean really I think that’s my dream at most hotels good cocoa. I’m not a coffee drinker since I’d never sleep if I drank it lol. Seriously I had coffee once at noon and couldn’t go to bed until 5 and only slept 3 hours! Anyway this hotel was perfect and I recommend it to anyone staying in New Orleans. It’s supposedly haunted but I guess ghosts have no interest in bothering me. P.s. they are on groupon at least once a year till this day 🙂 probably more often I just don’t constantly check.


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