Cambria Quartz!

We’re about to redo our kitchen (well a month or 2) it’s a long process. We have the design plans and we’re just waiting for dates. First they demo the kitchen, then they have to rip out the floor, put the floor, let it set, get it ready for cabinets, then those come, then the counter people come to measure and order the counters. Basically it’ll be like goodbye kitchen for a month in March or April lol. Anyway I picked Cambria since it’s known as the best and it just looks amazing. When looking me and the hubs both at the same time picked summerhill. I basically figure we’re soulmates because we both picked the same countertop and love it. Most guys would probably be like glitter? (not sure you can see it in the photo but there is some) and want a more manly design lol. I love this so much. We got estimates today and I love how one guy was like “you know there’s a wave?” uh duh. Me and my hubs are the best customers we figure stuff out on our own and basically just need help buying things lol. I knew long ago it had like a wave in it. 🙂 I just love it. It’s so different.



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