Gansvevoort Park!

After we got married since we had already been living together, I thought it’d be fun to go stay in the city the next day. If I could go back I’d say no Crystal just chill out and do it like for Valentines or something. My grandma who I now barely talk to, kept hounding us for money. After a wedding you get lots of money in cards. Yes I’m one of those who has a grandma that just assumes our wedding money should be giving to her because she needs/wants it. We were exhausted from the wedding, barely slept the night after our wedding, and had to wake up early to see everyone for breakfast, then pack up all our stuff to head home. Since I was no longer speaking to my mom’s husband at this point (or ever again lol) we had no real help except my wonderful father. (he’s the best seriously) all of this we honestly just wanted a nap but we had to go into the city to check in (was to late to cancel!) at checkin we were both so tired we didn’t even mention how we had just gotten married, etc so we got no special treatment. Something that would have been super nice/appreciated. It felt really weird to go from everyone kissing up to us to being treated like some tourists. I still sort of blame the hotel because no one even asked us why we were there for one night. It just made me not sure if I’d ever stay here again even though I love the lobby here lol.

Anyway we went out for lunch at Cafeteria (best mac & cheese ever btw) then went for hot chocolate at city bakery (it’s like a melted candy bar) after that we finally had our nap. We finally got up at 9 pm for a fast short dinner in the restaurant downstairs. The Kardashians lived here/stayed here so when I see them eating in the hotel I at least can say hey I’ve been there! lol. Then early the next morning we headed back to home, my hubs back to work and it was like bam welcome to married life lol. It was supposed to be a yay we’re married moment instead it was just stressful as my hubs kept worrying my grandma might just take the money I had hidden (yes she’s that kind of grandma) to being exhausted, to not being upgraded, and basically just $300 spent on nothing except a bed. If I could go back I’d just make us go home it would have been better and maybe go out to dinner around here to say omg we’re married! I still love the hotel lobby. I barely remember the room except it was tiny and I think we faced a wall lol. All they had to do was ask why we were there and I would have even shown my just married top and I bet we could have had a nice suite and some kind of special treatment but nooooo lol. I blame my exhausted self too but I blame them more… Hotels always ask why you are there to fish for reasons to make your stay special, at least every other hotel except this one.


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