Tonight is superbowl (at least in NY) my hubs and my dad are cleaning the house so now I consider this the best day ever. It’s like the men’s cleaning day. Last year my hubs got me the best vacuum ever, a Dyson! So I’d clean more or well better 🙂 We had this ancient vacuum that I hated and was super heavy, I definitely clean more now. The Dyson is seriously well worth the price. I love that I can clean up the stairs and the hose stretches. I used to have to carry the old one behind me as I cleaned which is not fun and sort of dangerous. Who wants to be holding a hose in one hand, a big heavy vacuum in the other? We also made sure to get the dog hair one because our dogs shed like crazy. Seriously you come in my house wearing black expect to leave with hair all over you (our dogs are affectionate and make themselves at home on people’s laps) anyway to get a Dyson I highly recommend from Kohls and when they have one of their awesome sales. I think this was worth $500 or more and we got it for $300 (not sure the exact amount) I also love purple so it was meant to be.



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