Ballard Designs

I randomly got a catalog awhile back for Ballard Designs. I really don’t mind when I get stuff like that, obviously someone sold my mailing address lol. Anyway skimming through it I saw the cutest dog food holder ever. That I automatically jumped online and bought it for 20% off and free shipping! It’s so worth the price considering it comes with an adorable scoop and it’s just adorable to put in the kitchen. We had this ugly white plastic pail now we have this for the dog food. The kitchen itself looks ugly though (look at that plastic baseboard ick) lol but we’re about to renovate šŸ™‚ if you have a dog this is a must. It looks adorable in our kitchen. Keeps the dog food fresh too! They also have tons of other cute stuff but we’re about to renovate kitchen and last thing I need is more stuff right now lol. I know they have at least one physical store in Virginia. We were running to Z Gallerie and had only 30 minutes before it closed so I didn’t get to go check it out.



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