Valentine’s Day last year

Last year for Valentine’s day we decided to stay close to home (probably will do the same this year) we went to this new restaurant by our house which I hope stays open. For some reason this little shopping center by my house the restaurant always ends up failing which is weird because it’s in an area where there is only two other good Italian restaurants, I think it’s just because it’s a weird area (not bad) but now there’s a 711 and they redid the shopping center so hopefully it does better? I really love the space. Anyway it’s called Cassariano’s and it was delicious.  I had penne carbonara which was good but the best was this plate of fresh mozzarella. Which is my favorite thing in the world. I am so picky about my mozzarella too I will only ever buy it fresh and salted in a supermarket. I’m always happy when it’s just so delicious in a restaurant.



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