Discover aka best card ever

First of all if anyone wants discover apply thru this! you will get $50 cashback and I will too if you apply thru that. I also love that I can have a purple credit card 🙂

With that being said I absolutely love this card. It has 5% cashback in rotating categories. ON top of that if you click discover deals and go thru that to let’s say Neiman Marcus, Saks, or some other store you can get an extra 5-10% at times! I got $130 off when my hubs bought me my Fendi bag that I’ll be getting for Valentines day. $1300-10%=$1170. It changed to even more (would have been 15%) after I bought the Fendi but luckily I bought it when I did because it was the last one (last season item) I also saved $900 because the bag was originally $2200 (I’m pretty sure it might have been $2300, either way yay)  on top of all this they offer balance transfers constantly which years ago as we were broke after the wedding and paying high interest fees on other cards Discover basically saved us. That isn’t it though because they also offer 0% apr on purchases the first year but they offer it randomly other times if you ask and it’s available! I have 0% right now on my hubs card and my own on all purchases until next year 🙂 it’s perfect timing as we’re redoing the kitchen and might need to put things like countertops that we can now take a few months to pay off with no interest. I also want to do our bathroom after the kitchen and by April they will be having 5% back on things from home depot, paint stores, etc 🙂 seriously this card was meant for me. I always hound people to get this card because you honestly are missing out. Oh yes and groupon is 5% cashback thru discover deals 🙂 I used to buy a lot of things on there and it was great getting the great deal groupon already is and getting cashback. I also just did our taxes and will be getting $15 cashback for using turbotax thru discover deals! Seriously Chase freedom has nothing on this card. Only bad thing is it’s not accepted absolutely everywhere but I’ve only run into that twice out of 3 years.

I also love 5% back at restaurants over the summer! Also when you get the card it comes in the fanciest packaging I’ve ever seen for any card. Last year they even had double cashback I think we got back $800 overall? It was a nice lump sum right after the holidays. It was perfect timing because you’re so broke in January (at least we are lol) and to get a lump sum of cashback since it was double what you got all year, it was just perfect. Even the card itself is so fancy and right now it’s 5% in gas which is great since my hubs is driving more to work now… alright I’m starting to feel like a commercial now lol. Hey discover I will gladly promote you anytime, anywhere! 🙂



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