Modern hotels these days or whatever….

So I’m randomly looking at Brooklyn hotels because we’ve never stayed in Brooklyn and I’m always looking for some short new experience we can do and it’d probably take an hour or less to get there. One hotel I looked at reminded me of this hotel in Montreal the W. It had the shower out to the bedroom, like a big open glass shower right there you can see. We thought it was funny/weird me and my ex. I was 21 and it was my first real vacation with a boyfriend at the time.

Over 10 years later I still don’t understand why hotels make these kind of setups that so far I haven’t found one person that likes them. Who the hell wants an open bathroom to the bedroom? Seriously? I know married you should be so comfortable blah blah but I just think it’s gross lol. I don’t need to see my hubs take a dump or him see me on the toilet. Plus it’s also annoying at night if I get up to pee and oh sorry I woke you up cause there’s no wall to block the light! Or vice versa. I’m all for awesome looking bathrooms but come on keep them private lol. I also now find the idea of a shower to watch my hubs in really weird ( was interesting in my 20s yet I didn’t research hotels like I do now so we were more just stuck with it) lol so yeah any hotels like that just get off my list now. It’s sad I have to actually read reviews just to make sure they have normal bathrooms. And nobody ever says it’s cool everyone says how weird/uncomfortable it is! Yet hotels keep doing this lol. Anyway I found a picture from the W Montreal from 12 years ago for an example. I remember it was super weird my ex just watching me shave my legs… lol I had to angle my leg up too since it was just a flat shower. I never stayed in another W hotel after that.



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