Charleston! aka best food ever

We went to Savannah first but I knew Charleston would be soon after. I wanted Charlotte too eventually but with my hubs new job who knows. Anyway if you want the best food ever Charleston is the place. I don’t think we had one bad meal here. We started with Husk which as the best burger ever, it had this bacon/smokey taste and the grits omg. It was so good I totally forgot to take pictures of it. But I did get pictures of the amazing mac & cheese at Poogan’s Porch, the gnocchi at Fig aka heavenly pillows, and the famous chocolate pudding at Hominy Grill. My one regret about Charleston is the hotel we stayed at, we stayed at the Francis Marion when I wish we stayed at the fancier Belmond Charleston place, which was just more my style. It was booked the last minute and I went on my aunt’s recommendation instead of actually looking…. the second we walked into Belmond just as we walked by I was like OMG why did we not stay here lol. Oh well. Also I almost forgot but the best shrimp & grits at 82 Queen! I only wish we had gotten to sit outside but it was fine.


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