So when planning our London & Paris trip my fiance (we weren’t married yet) kept insisting on going to Rome too. It felt like so many places and I fought against it lol. I have this thing where I say Crystal is always right and I am 99% of the time lol, except this one time. My hubs loves to bring this up because it honestly was the 1 time he was right that we both remember lol. Anyway Rome was added for the end along with an upgraded hotel which is no longer open anymore. We stayed at the intercontinental right at the top of the spanish steps, well slightly to the right of them which like I said is no longer open. Waking up eating fresh ricotta, mozzarella, having Italian hot chocolate, it was my dream lol. Walking around Rome those streets omg. The people, the food, everything almost felt like I just belonged there. Being Italian I love Italian food and just omg so perfect. Anytime I watch to Rome with love I’m like we were there, and omg there too! lol. If you watch the movie and you see them by water and boats, we took a boat out there! Anyway Rome was one of my most favorite places ever. I really want to go back to Italy and go to Venice but if it never happens I will be happy I went to Rome. I totally understand why anyone would want to study abroad there, like my cousin will be doing (not Rome but Italy). I’ll never forget just walking down those streets and just feeling so comfortable, almost like being home. I could post 100 pictures but I choose just 3 of my favorites. I still cannot believe I was actually there, it feels like a dream long ago. March 2013 we went so hey it has been awhile lol. I always tell my hubs when we have a kid and they grow up, for their 16th birthday they will have a choice of Europe or a big party….. I’m hoping they choose Europe! (we’ll still throw them a party lol)


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