Le Blanc in Cancun

For my actual 30th birthday we went to Le Blanc in Cancun, we also went for our honeymoon. Honestly I wish we hadn’t gone for our honeymoon especially it being like only a few months later. The first time we went was absolutely perfect so I’m going to just review that time and try to forget our honeymoon didn’t exist (it wasn’t the hotel, it just was mostly me lol) a honeymoon should be special and just repeating a trip you had literally just done didn’t feel right to me. Then I had a weird allergic reaction, along with my mom hounding us for money (seriously on our honeymoon) it was just a bad time mentally for me. I wanted to push it and wait, go somewhere else but my hubs insisted we go right after our wedding. It’s no longer a sore subject but the first year of marriage I was very angry with him, he made it up to me by our 1 year being what I wanted for a honeymoon so 🙂

Anyway Le Blanc in Cancun is where you should go when you aren’t going to party lol. I loved the hotel and we got a great rate thru my mom’s timeshare (seriously like 50% off) every single part of our vacation was just amazing. We also went out to Xel Ha to snorkle, tube down the river and see adorable Coatis! They are the cutest and I insisted on getting a stuffed animal of one lol. Also the weird thing about Cancun was no matter what store we went into, they had no Chihuahua statues anywhere! I thought omg Mexico we’ll find so many cute chihuahua things, nope. Anyway I highly recommend Le Blanc! There are no kids allowed so yeah it was the perfect vacation for two childless adults lol.


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