San Francisco

Our anniversary trip last year I decided I wanted to see more of California instead of just La so we went to San Fran. Of course with our luck it rained almost the entire time! When it wasn’t raining we finally ran out to see the bridge, we also went to Alcatraz. The meals I remember the most was the burger at Zuni cafe, and the pasta at Locanda. We stayed at the Sir Francis drake hotel which of course is a Kimpton. They sent us a nice tray of strawberries in gold/chocolate which was nice but they had no umbrellas! We had to go buy these cheap umbrellas, I mean how does a hotel have no umbrellas for their guests? I never thought to pack one since you always see one in a closet. When we were in Brooklyn I saw a container full of umbrellas I was like that hotel in San fran should learn about this lol. Anyway we also finally used Uber out there since it was just easy once we got out of dinner or seeing the bridge. It’s not like NYC where you can just hail a cab anywhere, I can see why Uber I think originated there? Anyway it was fun when it wasn’t raining. I would have had more fun if it hadn’t rained though.I couldn’t wait to see the seals on the dock and yeah I’ll show the picture of the like 5 seals there lol. I love seals btw I wanted to see them all but I guess March they go somewhere else?

Also the coolest part of our trip I almost forgot to mention we flew Jet Blue’s Mint! I surprised my hubs and upgraded us behind his back lol, 100% worth it. We had an early flight where we got up at 3-4 am so it was nice to be able to sleep and be ready for San Fran once we landed. I also knew with him going thru background checks in December for Metro North and maybe being hired in April that it would probably be our last trip for along time (on a plane at least) When he got hired and we had to cancel Austin I remember saying well at least we had San Francisco. They give you these Mint drinks when you fly Mint btw so yummy 🙂 I also had to try a ghirardelli shake while there since we don’t have that here.


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