Caci North Fork of long island

Funny when we planned on going to Caci in the north fork area it was when my grandma was visiting. The place actually had a fire right before we got there and closed obviously. We pulled up looking for the restaurant and there are all these firetrucks we’re like oh come on it’s not the restaurant we wanted to go was it? Obviously was lol.  The north fork isn’t 5 minutes away it’s about an hour so yeah sort of sucked. We ended up going to Port Jefferson out East to Pasta Pasta instead. Anyway few weeks later me and my hubs came here alone. I’m happy we did because it was not cheap! The food was amazing though I can’t wait to go back sometime. I’m a huge fan of truffles so raviolis in a truffle sauce is just the way to my heart. Plus it was in this adorable, cute little house. A rarity for places around here to look that cute. Also the coolest thing ever on the fresh mozzarella they put basil ice cream! I didn’t even know they could make basil ice cream. I wasn’t sure what it was at first so I made my hubs try it first lol. It was delicious. I also really liked the town of Southold where I hadn’t been for years. Back in the day my mom’s ex actually had a house out there and we would go in the summer, back when my mom lived in NY. It’s pretty easy to drive over to the Hamptons also from the North Fork. P.s. the North fork is so much more chill then the hamptons.


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