Woodstock, NY aka the Catskills

A few years ago every year we’d all go up to Woodstock and rent a huge house every year. As everyone got older, people now have kids and yeah no more. I still went up a few times with just my husband, the last time we went up was with our friend and her now ex fiance. We rented a cute house right in town with a creek in our backyard. We also went hiking and yeah that was the best trip up there I’d say. Small house, food in town, right by town, and hiking a mountain. Oh yeah and we went to a haunted house 🙂 When I was a kid we would go up to the catskills every year, so that’s what made me when older want to go back up there. It’s so different now besides Woodstock most of the area up there is pretty empty. Definitely not how it was back in the day! The cabins we stayed at when I was a kid are all abandoned and the place is closed now. No idea how somewhere that close to NYC could fail but I guess it happens. I guess more people go to Lake George?


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