Cabo! Me Cabo

My bff got married, then I got married and we decided on a married girls only trip to Cabo. We went a month after I got married and luckily we did because she was knocked up a month later lol. Out of all the places I went looking in Cancun, I finally found a chihuahua in Cabo but didn’t buy it sadly. I wish till this day I had. My hubs thought it was creepy though when I sent him a picture of it. Anyway we had a fun time dancing and hitting up all the clubs there, or ordering room service at 2 am drunk lol. It was the perfect last girls trip before my bff became a mom and eventually one day I will be a mother too…. We booked Me cabo from Skyauction for like $600 total? split between the two of us that was $300 each in a really nice hotel over looking the pool/beach. The only bad thing flying from NY to Cabo is extremely difficult so we had a layover in Cali for the night. Finding our way to the free hotel there by a shuttle was an adventure in itself. I loved Cabo and it felt more like Cali then Mexico. We hung out with a ton of different bachelor parties while there, seriously that’s the place to go for them. On our way back we stopped in San Francisco (just the airport) but being there made me realize I wanted to go to San fran which lead to me and my hubs trip a few years later. It was also really easy to walk around from our hotel to town. For couples though I think los Cabos is probably better then Cabo. Cabo was definitely a party town.


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