Swallow. Huntington, Ny

When my mom was here in December I took her out for lunch to Swallow in Huntington. She got half her stomach cut out so she only eats small meals, tapas style food seemed perfect. Plus Risotto mac & cheese? YES! Anyway just as delicious as it sounds, is exactly how it tasted. It was a perfect day for lunch. She’s coming back in 2 weeks to help get our house ready for renovations and I think we’ll go to Prime in the same town (it’s on the water though) Huntington on Long island is where I consider the best food to be out here. Mariah Carey is from there btw. My parents in the 80s-90s ran into her at a bar, we still have her autograph she wrote out to me and my brother after my mom asked her bodyguard if she could get an autograph for her kids. If Huntington wasn’t super expensive it’d be the place I’d most want to live around here.Anyway look at this delicious dish!



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