Houstons! The way of Da Silvano

I know Houstons is a chain but it never came off that way, it was a super delicious burger. I mean seriously this thing was amazing. I loved that we had one right by us at the mall and we went there a ton of times. I was sad to hear they were closing and we went for a final meal. When I wrote my review on yelp how sad I was and why were they closing someone was nice enough to explain why. Their lease had ended and they wanted to renew it but the rent was like $20,000 a month? I know it’s a popular mall and things go up but a lot of restaurants are ending up closing because of sky rocketing rent. Da Silvano a very insanely popular NYC restaurant I sadly was never able to eat at, I will definitely never now because he closed it. He complained he opened it and started with $500 rent and all these years later it was like $41,000 (41 years later). It just wasn’t worth it anymore. It was a celeb favorite too with tons of scandals I’ll just post the link. http://nypost.com/2016/12/21/legendary-eatery-da-silvano-closed-forever/ but yeah Houstons wasn’t legendary or anything close to Da Silvano but both have closed for the same reasons. I will miss my burger and if ever in Chicago (I think there is one there) I will have to go eat it. My hubs was nice enough to cut my burger in half for me since it was huge 🙂 The spot is now empty and has been since last year when they closed. The bad thing about NY is as rent and things go higher and higher, most incomes have not gone up. That’s why we, along with many friends, end up living at home with family! We’re lucky my dad is letting us have this house and we’ve basically taken it over as our own. He’s more like a roommate we have now, it’d be different if my parents were actually together too. Besides my bff and a few others, no one I know can afford a home around here.



Blackstone! Melville, Ny

We went to a haunted house awhile back and I saw this cute restaurant called Blackstone right next door, I made a note to check it out one day. When my hubs got his new job I decided we had to celebrate and we came here. It’s an adorable place and definitely not cheap but so worth it. The risotto I had with squash sauce on the side was just omg amazing. It’s a steak house so my hubs got a steak which he loved. I also loved you can order steak and cook it on these rock kind of things right at your table, so cool. We watched people next to us doing that.


Gatsby’s Landing Roslyn, Ny

This new place opened awhile back in Roslyn called Gatsby’s Landing named after obviously the great gatsby. It’s based on long island so it made sense for someone to finally make a place based on it, and fancy! We of course had to go try this place and it was amazing. It’s on the Roslyn duck pond and only 10 minutes away. When they had truffle for a special I had to have it, I’m a truffle lover! The buratta was some of the best I’ve ever had, and the sliders omg the best sliders ever. I forgot to take a picture of those but I did get my truffle pasta 🙂

Bar Pitti

I’ve wanted to go here for years but it’s cash only and I hate that so yeah we kept skipping it. I finally decided it was time to go and it was well worth going even though it was cash only. The food was amazing. I got the famous most popular dish but asked for rigatoni instead of the other pasta it comes with. I could have licked the sauce up it was that good. My husband even kept stealing my pasta it was that good. It was a bacon flavored cream sauce just omg. We could have walked here from the Soho grand but it was freezing so we hopped in a cab.


The Soho Grand!

For our anniversary I wanted to stay at the Soho grand but by the time I went to book, it went up considerably in price so I said forget it and we stayed at the Waldorf Astoria before it closed. They had a flash sale and I couldn’t resist so we finally stayed at the Soho grand which is something I’ve wanted to do forever. I love Soho and I’d say it’s my favorite part of the city, most of my favorite restaurants are there or at least by there. I just love it and it’s not touristy like midtown can be. We had a suite and had a great night of hot cocoa, netflix, and hanging in the living room of our suite before bed 🙂 I’d say it was 1000x better than our trip to the city in January. I also loved our room. Seriously we had a bar in our hotel room, an actual bar! I’m hoping to one day stay at the sister hotel the Roxy. We’re also about to reno our kitchen, bathroom, etc so I was happy to go to CB2 for some bathroom things 🙂

West Hollywood, CA

After our wedding since my parents paid for it, we thought we’d take them on a trip to Los Angeles as a thank you. We rented a cute cottage in West Hollywood. My mom ended up not coming because we wouldn’t allow her husband at the time to come (long story). I’m sure she regrets her decision now! Anyway my dad still came and it was a great time. We ate all over LA which though I even lived there years ago for a summer I never really did.Also finally went to Santa Monica! Which again had never done. I’m only sad we never made it over to Malibu even though I’ve been there as a kid I barely remember it. My hubs also didn’t get to see Venice Beach. I loved sitting outside Urth Cafe having hot chocolate being a huge Entourage fan that I am (they were always there on the show). I made sure to look all celeb like putting my sunglasses on and my hair looked amazing lol. I also took a random selfie before heading to Santa Monica, and another picture my hubs took of me in Beverly hills at Villa Blanca which are still two of my favorite pics. The cottage we rented was a huge inspiration for our renovated home, seriously our kitchen will look very similar! Also the best part of our trip was going on the Dearly Departed tour! I love horror and am obsessed with all things like serial killers, murders, deaths, etc so obviously I loved it. Anyway Los Angeles is great if not superficial as hell. I’m happy I got to share one of my favorite places with my hubs.

Caci North Fork of long island

Funny when we planned on going to Caci in the north fork area it was when my grandma was visiting. The place actually had a fire right before we got there and closed obviously. We pulled up looking for the restaurant and there are all these firetrucks we’re like oh come on it’s not the restaurant we wanted to go was it? Obviously was lol.  The north fork isn’t 5 minutes away it’s about an hour so yeah sort of sucked. We ended up going to Port Jefferson out East to Pasta Pasta instead. Anyway few weeks later me and my hubs came here alone. I’m happy we did because it was not cheap! The food was amazing though I can’t wait to go back sometime. I’m a huge fan of truffles so raviolis in a truffle sauce is just the way to my heart. Plus it was in this adorable, cute little house. A rarity for places around here to look that cute. Also the coolest thing ever on the fresh mozzarella they put basil ice cream! I didn’t even know they could make basil ice cream. I wasn’t sure what it was at first so I made my hubs try it first lol. It was delicious. I also really liked the town of Southold where I hadn’t been for years. Back in the day my mom’s ex actually had a house out there and we would go in the summer, back when my mom lived in NY. It’s pretty easy to drive over to the Hamptons also from the North Fork. P.s. the North fork is so much more chill then the hamptons.