West Hollywood, CA

After our wedding since my parents paid for it, we thought we’d take them on a trip to Los Angeles as a thank you. We rented a cute cottage in West Hollywood. My mom ended up not coming because we wouldn’t allow her husband at the time to come (long story). I’m sure she regrets her decision now! Anyway my dad still came and it was a great time. We ate all over LA which though I even lived there years ago for a summer I never really did.Also finally went to Santa Monica! Which again had never done. I’m only sad we never made it over to Malibu even though I’ve been there as a kid I barely remember it. My hubs also didn’t get to see Venice Beach. I loved sitting outside Urth Cafe having hot chocolate being a huge Entourage fan that I am (they were always there on the show). I made sure to look all celeb like putting my sunglasses on and my hair looked amazing lol. I also took a random selfie before heading to Santa Monica, and another picture my hubs took of me in Beverly hills at Villa Blanca which are still two of my favorite pics. The cottage we rented was a huge inspiration for our renovated home, seriously our kitchen will look very similar! Also the best part of our trip was going on the Dearly Departed tour! I love horror and am obsessed with all things like serial killers, murders, deaths, etc so obviously I loved it. Anyway Los Angeles is great if not superficial as hell. I’m happy I got to share one of my favorite places with my hubs.


Last Valentine’s day present!

I don’t really like flowers since I kill them and I’m just the worst with them lol. So last year I got a limited edition Diptyque candle. These candles are the best seriously they smell so good, strong, just the best.


Our Bedroom

We redid our bedroom soon after we got married and I’m just so in love with it everyday. We got amazing Pergo floors from Home Depot that my hubs put in himself. The rest is almost all West elm, with some PBteen lamps thrown in since I love purple and they have a cute purple. Lots of girls are always like your husband doesn’t care the room is purple or furniture white? NO lol. I don’t understand why guys would care about that. Why would any guy be so against white furniture? Or the color of the walls lol.

Wedding Uggs!

Most of my wedding night was spent wearing these comfy adorable things. Even when I opened them my dog Luna had to photobomb because even Luna found them cute 🙂 No idea if uggs still has a wedding collection but I thought it was just perfect when they came out with one right before my wedding. Seriously who wants to wear heels all night dancing? My feet would have killed.


Kylie Jenner lip kits!

I had to try the Kylie Jenner lip kit awhile back and I loved it. Only thing is, it’s so dark lol the Posie K color at least for me. My hubs kept joking I looked sort of goth. I looked at her colors and really wanted the color Smile a bubble gum pink which is my favorite color to wear but none were left. I thought I’d look on eBay and by all the positive feedback I purchased from a seller. As soon as it came I knew it wasn’t right. Comparing it to the real one there is an obvious difference. When I told the seller they claimed I had some bogus lipstick  to compare it to and didn’t know what I was talking about lol. I bought it from her website! The one I got from him/her was the obvious fake. I mean even the lettering looked cheap. For $28 the lettering and everything should be perfect as it is on Posie K. I can’t even believe people out there now make fake makeup? I thought I only had to worry about fake bags in life. I don’t mind fake things as long as people say this is fake. When you lie you aren’t giving an option to buy real or fake. Plus when you pay the actual full price that’s a true scam. I wish people who sold fake things unless by accident could be arrested or least a huge fine. I feel bad for all the girls who are buying fake Kylie Jenner makeup (googling btw shows many horror stories) I mean there are stories of lips getting stuck together, ending up in the hospital, etc from fake makeup because um it goes on your lips that’s practically in your mouth! Anyway you can see the obvious fake next to the real side by side in the picture. Then my adorable Posie K I got awhile back in the photo 🙂 I just bought more of her stuff from her actual website since it’s such a great product. I even bought extra of her limited edition Valentine’s collection to sell myself on eBay begging people this is legit buy from me lol. At least I know they won’t end up in a hospital with some fake product. This is even worse then when I first purchased a Celine bag that was fake. Fake makeup is actually dangerous…

My 30th birthday cake

Personally I would have rather had this cake done better but we were about to get married and picked the cheapest baker lol. Still was pretty cute. I remember one girl was like the LV cake look is overdone like excuse me? If a customer comes to you with an idea they had whether overdone or not (I mean I never did it so it wasn’t overdone to me lol) who are they make comments like that? Like those are the people who end up out of business by being jerks. I do what I want I don’t care if 30 other girls did it at one point or not. I thought it’d be cute to have an LV cake. Especially considering my 30th birthday gift was a Louis Vuitton in Paris from my future hubs at the time.