Revel Atlantic city

For my 30th birthday, the actual day of September 18th years ago. I wanted to do something so I thought let’s finally go to Atlantic city. As I looked at hotels I was pretty disappointed. I mean I know it’s not Vegas but it was just not nice lol. Revel had been opened I think a few months at the time and once I saw it, I knew that was the place. I remember the biggest suite was maybe $300? Really cheap considering it was the biggest suite they had. It made me really like AC at the time. We stayed one last time a year later before they closed for good. We also stayed at the BorgataΒ  a week before we got married, which was super nice, the Tropicana too (before they redid it of course, so ghetto it was lol) My hubs old job it was easy to just go to AC for a night for like $50-$100 so we’d go a lot even though we both don’t gamble. If they ever open Revel again as any other hotel I suggest anyone go! It was definitely a nice place while it lasted.Β  We don’t take over night trips anymore that much because his new job, and when we do it has to be when my dad is home so he can watch our diabetic dog.



Cabo! Me Cabo

My bff got married, then I got married and we decided on a married girls only trip to Cabo. We went a month after I got married and luckily we did because she was knocked up a month later lol. Out of all the places I went looking in Cancun, I finally found a chihuahua in Cabo but didn’t buy it sadly. I wish till this day I had. My hubs thought it was creepy though when I sent him a picture of it. Anyway we had a fun time dancing and hitting up all the clubs there, or ordering room service at 2 am drunk lol. It was the perfect last girls trip before my bff became a mom and eventually one day I will be a mother too…. We booked Me cabo from Skyauction for like $600 total? split between the two of us that was $300 each in a really nice hotel over looking the pool/beach. The only bad thing flying from NY to Cabo is extremely difficult so we had a layover in Cali for the night. Finding our way to the free hotel there by a shuttle was an adventure in itself. I loved Cabo and it felt more like Cali then Mexico. We hung out with a ton of different bachelor parties while there, seriously that’s the place to go for them. On our way back we stopped in San Francisco (just the airport) but being there made me realize I wanted to go to San fran which lead to me and my hubs trip a few years later. It was also really easy to walk around from our hotel to town. For couples though I think los Cabos is probably better then Cabo. Cabo was definitely a party town.

The Soho Grand!

For our anniversary I wanted to stay at the Soho grand but by the time I went to book, it went up considerably in price so I said forget it and we stayed at the Waldorf Astoria before it closed. They had a flash sale and I couldn’t resist so we finally stayed at the Soho grand which is something I’ve wanted to do forever. I love Soho and I’d say it’s my favorite part of the city, most of my favorite restaurants are there or at least by there. I just love it and it’s not touristy like midtown can be. We had a suite and had a great night of hot cocoa, netflix, and hanging in the living room of our suite before bed πŸ™‚ I’d say it was 1000x better than our trip to the city in January. I also loved our room. Seriously we had a bar in our hotel room, an actual bar! I’m hoping to one day stay at the sister hotel the Roxy. We’re also about to reno our kitchen, bathroom, etc so I was happy to go to CB2 for some bathroom things πŸ™‚

Costa Rica! Arenal. 1 year anniversary

On groupon before we got married I saw this hotel called The Springs and wanted it for our honeymoon BUT it was literally a few months before and we were broke lol. I wanted to just wait to go on our honeymoon when we could afford this but my hubs wanted to do be tradition…. I hated our honeymoon from allergic reaction, to just being in bed itchy, yeah not fun. Our 1 year anniversary I knew we’d come here and I checked groupon nightly for months until the deal came on again. I remember I had to wait to buy it for a day I can’t remember why but yeah groupon ended up having a sale so not only was this trip already a great deal but it became even greater πŸ™‚ Seriously I think the hotel if you booked at the time was $1500? We got the deal for $450? It might have been $550 I can’t remember now. It was a steal. I consider our 1 year more of a honeymoon then our actual honeymoon, it was far more memorable. We landed in Liberia and found our driver then stopped in town for some juice, soda, etc from the local supermarket. I remember it just felt so safe & friendly being in town. Then we headed for the 2 hour drive deep into the rain forest. It was like being in a dream this hotel. I loved waking up and going to breakfast at this resort deep in the forest. The views from our balcony looked like Jurassic park (I think they even filmed there at one point?) The only downside was the last day it rained, I mean rained like a monsoon. We’ve never seen anything like it, it was awesome. We’d lay there just listening to the crazy rain and couldn’t believe it was real. We also luckily brought a ton of movies with us so we spent the night drinking/watching movies/etc πŸ™‚ We tried out every single spring and at times felt like we were there all alone. It was one of my most favorite trips and I totally understand why people retire there. They also had an animal rescue place to go check out and we did. They also filmed some tv shows here the bachelor? I don’t watch and only know because it advertises it on their website. Seriously if you check groupon around the summer time they usually still post a deal on groupon every year, it’s definitely worth it! This was a true 5 star hotel.

San Francisco

Our anniversary trip last year I decided I wanted to see more of California instead of just La so we went to San Fran. Of course with our luck it rained almost the entire time! When it wasn’t raining we finally ran out to see the bridge, we also went to Alcatraz. The meals I remember the most was the burger at Zuni cafe, and the pasta at Locanda. We stayed at the Sir Francis drake hotel which of course is a Kimpton. They sent us a nice tray of strawberries in gold/chocolate which was nice but they had no umbrellas! We had to go buy these cheap umbrellas, I mean how does a hotel have no umbrellas for their guests? I never thought to pack one since you always see one in a closet. When we were in Brooklyn I saw a container full of umbrellas I was like that hotel in San fran should learn about this lol. Anyway we also finally used Uber out there since it was just easy once we got out of dinner or seeing the bridge. It’s not like NYC where you can just hail a cab anywhere, I can see why Uber I think originated there? Anyway it was fun when it wasn’t raining. I would have had more fun if it hadn’t rained though.I couldn’t wait to see the seals on the dock and yeah I’ll show the picture of the like 5 seals there lol. I love seals btw I wanted to see them all but I guess March they go somewhere else?

Also the coolest part of our trip I almost forgot to mention we flew Jet Blue’s Mint! I surprised my hubs and upgraded us behind his back lol, 100% worth it. We had an early flight where we got up at 3-4 am so it was nice to be able to sleep and be ready for San Fran once we landed. I also knew with him going thru background checks in December for Metro North and maybe being hired in April that it would probably be our last trip for along time (on a plane at least) When he got hired and we had to cancel Austin I remember saying well at least we had San Francisco. They give you these Mint drinks when you fly Mint btw so yummy πŸ™‚ I also had to try a ghirardelli shake while there since we don’t have that here.


So instead of Boston since I was worried about snow we ended up on a small overnight trip to Brooklyn which is like 40 minutes from us. The new William Vale is even better because they have 50% off if you are from the tri state area! So awesome. Anyway we quickly checked in and got a room on the 20th floor. I loved the hotel and am seriously going back next month. We wanted to eat at this popular place Lilia but they said 2 1/2 hour wait but of course 40 minutes later after we went somewhere else they texted me…. Oh well. Even more reason to back eventually πŸ™‚ I loved walking around Williamsburg which is the part of Brooklyn we were in. All rooms have balconies! Loved our view.