Parlay Gastroclub. Rockville Centre, Ny

The great thing when my hubs started training in his new job, he’s had weekends off! Which finally meant BRUNCH! Almost a year later yeah we’ve barely gone to Brunch lol but still I will never forget our first with my mom in law, sister in law, and of course the hubs. We went to Parlay in Rockville Centre which is like 20 minutes away from us. My sister in law luckily made reservations because this place gets packed. I don’t even know how to describe the food besides to say this should not be an everyday place to eat lol, fattening but good for a once in awhile meal. I had to get their infamous eggs benedict except it’s on tator totts! It came out in a skillet and just omg amazing. I remember when I posted it everyone assumed it was all this cheese and had to make obnoxious comments. Like people can’t just appreciate the delicious meal I had once and instead tell me how I’m gonna get fat, blah blah so rude .No idea what anyone else ate but I remember the person behind us had pancakes with ice cream, sprinkles, etc it looked like a dessert meal but wasn’t. I joked that meal was way worse then mine to the fb dietary mob. Here’s my food and since it was eggs benedict that is not cheese all over! Hollandaise sauce!



Blackstone! Melville, Ny

We went to a haunted house awhile back and I saw this cute restaurant called Blackstone right next door, I made a note to check it out one day. When my hubs got his new job I decided we had to celebrate and we came here. It’s an adorable place and definitely not cheap but so worth it. The risotto I had with squash sauce on the side was just omg amazing. It’s a steak house so my hubs got a steak which he loved. I also loved you can order steak and cook it on these rock kind of things right at your table, so cool. We watched people next to us doing that.


Swallow. Huntington, Ny

When my mom was here in December I took her out for lunch to Swallow in Huntington. She got half her stomach cut out so she only eats small meals, tapas style food seemed perfect. Plus Risotto mac & cheese? YES! Anyway just as delicious as it sounds, is exactly how it tasted. It was a perfect day for lunch. She’s coming back in 2 weeks to help get our house ready for renovations and I think we’ll go to Prime in the same town (it’s on the water though) Huntington on Long island is where I consider the best food to be out here. Mariah Carey is from there btw. My parents in the 80s-90s ran into her at a bar, we still have her autograph she wrote out to me and my brother after my mom asked her bodyguard if she could get an autograph for her kids. If Huntington wasn’t super expensive it’d be the place I’d most want to live around here.Anyway look at this delicious dish!


Neiman Marcus

I was so excited when I heard we were finally getting a Neiman Marcus over here on long island. I mean White plains had one but we didn’t, 45 minutes isn’t that bad but still it’s great being only 5 minutes away 🙂 in December with my mom coming to visit I got my Valentines day gift early, and my purple Burberry scarf for Christmas all sent to her. There is no Neiman Marcus by her so no taxes 🙂 even better is when I went on live chat they sent me gift boxes, etc to my actual home free of charge. Just such a nice store. I love anything I pick out I can basically send to my mom and no taxes. Which can be a lot when you are buying designer bags, etc. I also love the overall design of the store, so pretty. Christmas time is practically magical in that section of the mall.

Scottsdale/Phoenix Arizona

When my girl moved out to Arizona with her fiance we decided to go visit them plus I always wanted to go. They ended up moving back to NY and breaking up but that was a year later. I wanted to stay at a Kimpton but when I saw a cute house for rent just a few miles from Scottsdale I decided on this house instead. Then my mom decided to come and meet us out there. I loved scottsdale so much, it’s one of the places we are strongly considering moving to when we’re older and retired (like 30 years from now lol) I loved the area, the food, everything. When my mom met up with us we made dinner in the house and I’m blaming that for the horrible food poisoning I got. Seriously I felt like death for 2 whole days. I couldn’t eat, all I did was sleep, drink ginger ale, and it was just the worst. It cut our trip in half and I barely saw my mom. I was definitely happy we had rented a house instead of a hotel room since I slept most of the time and it would have been worse just being in a small room, screaming at my hubs to shut up at 1 in the afternoon lol. Luckily the last day I started feeling better and since we had a red eye flight we hopped in the car and took the drive to go see the grand canyon. I just wish I hadn’t gotten sick and was able to enjoy it more, and show my mom around. I loved the house we rented and it really inspired me to do grey in our own home. I also was introduced to an omelette with goat cheese which is now one of my favorite things 🙂 It’s the little things. It was at this place called the breakfast club which I still remember till this day because of the movie with the same name. Also omg the truffle fries at Zinc Bistro, I loved them so much we went back a 2nd time (very rare). We almost have those same curtains in our bedroom now. This house just proves how much rental houses, hotels, have inspired me for our own home. The grand canyon is something I will never forget and I’m so happy I was able to go see it. This was the first time we used Airbnb too. Usually we use Homeaway or VRBO.

Cabo! Me Cabo

My bff got married, then I got married and we decided on a married girls only trip to Cabo. We went a month after I got married and luckily we did because she was knocked up a month later lol. Out of all the places I went looking in Cancun, I finally found a chihuahua in Cabo but didn’t buy it sadly. I wish till this day I had. My hubs thought it was creepy though when I sent him a picture of it. Anyway we had a fun time dancing and hitting up all the clubs there, or ordering room service at 2 am drunk lol. It was the perfect last girls trip before my bff became a mom and eventually one day I will be a mother too…. We booked Me cabo from Skyauction for like $600 total? split between the two of us that was $300 each in a really nice hotel over looking the pool/beach. The only bad thing flying from NY to Cabo is extremely difficult so we had a layover in Cali for the night. Finding our way to the free hotel there by a shuttle was an adventure in itself. I loved Cabo and it felt more like Cali then Mexico. We hung out with a ton of different bachelor parties while there, seriously that’s the place to go for them. On our way back we stopped in San Francisco (just the airport) but being there made me realize I wanted to go to San fran which lead to me and my hubs trip a few years later. It was also really easy to walk around from our hotel to town. For couples though I think los Cabos is probably better then Cabo. Cabo was definitely a party town.

Gatsby’s Landing Roslyn, Ny

This new place opened awhile back in Roslyn called Gatsby’s Landing named after obviously the great gatsby. It’s based on long island so it made sense for someone to finally make a place based on it, and fancy! We of course had to go try this place and it was amazing. It’s on the Roslyn duck pond and only 10 minutes away. When they had truffle for a special I had to have it, I’m a truffle lover! The buratta was some of the best I’ve ever had, and the sliders omg the best sliders ever. I forgot to take a picture of those but I did get my truffle pasta 🙂