Costa Rica! Arenal. 1 year anniversary

On groupon before we got married I saw this hotel called The Springs and wanted it for our honeymoon BUT it was literally a few months before and we were broke lol. I wanted to just wait to go on our honeymoon when we could afford this but my hubs wanted to do be tradition…. I hated our honeymoon from allergic reaction, to just being in bed itchy, yeah not fun. Our 1 year anniversary I knew we’d come here and I checked groupon nightly for months until the deal came on again. I remember I had to wait to buy it for a day I can’t remember why but yeah groupon ended up having a sale so not only was this trip already a great deal but it became even greater 🙂 Seriously I think the hotel if you booked at the time was $1500? We got the deal for $450? It might have been $550 I can’t remember now. It was a steal. I consider our 1 year more of a honeymoon then our actual honeymoon, it was far more memorable. We landed in Liberia and found our driver then stopped in town for some juice, soda, etc from the local supermarket. I remember it just felt so safe & friendly being in town. Then we headed for the 2 hour drive deep into the rain forest. It was like being in a dream this hotel. I loved waking up and going to breakfast at this resort deep in the forest. The views from our balcony looked like Jurassic park (I think they even filmed there at one point?) The only downside was the last day it rained, I mean rained like a monsoon. We’ve never seen anything like it, it was awesome. We’d lay there just listening to the crazy rain and couldn’t believe it was real. We also luckily brought a ton of movies with us so we spent the night drinking/watching movies/etc 🙂 We tried out every single spring and at times felt like we were there all alone. It was one of my most favorite trips and I totally understand why people retire there. They also had an animal rescue place to go check out and we did. They also filmed some tv shows here the bachelor? I don’t watch and only know because it advertises it on their website. Seriously if you check groupon around the summer time they usually still post a deal on groupon every year, it’s definitely worth it! This was a true 5 star hotel.