Houstons! The way of Da Silvano

I know Houstons is a chain but it never came off that way, it was a super delicious burger. I mean seriously this thing was amazing. I loved that we had one right by us at the mall and we went there a ton of times. I was sad to hear they were closing and we went for a final meal. When I wrote my review on yelp how sad I was and why were they closing someone was nice enough to explain why. Their lease had ended and they wanted to renew it but the rent was like $20,000 a month? I know it’s a popular mall and things go up but a lot of restaurants are ending up closing because of sky rocketing rent. Da Silvano a very insanely popular NYC restaurant I sadly was never able to eat at, I will definitely never now because he closed it. He complained he opened it and started with $500 rent and all these years later it was like $41,000 (41 years later). It just wasn’t worth it anymore. It was a celeb favorite too with tons of scandals I’ll just post the link. http://nypost.com/2016/12/21/legendary-eatery-da-silvano-closed-forever/ but yeah Houstons wasn’t legendary or anything close to Da Silvano but both have closed for the same reasons. I will miss my burger and if ever in Chicago (I think there is one there) I will have to go eat it. My hubs was nice enough to cut my burger in half for me since it was huge 🙂 The spot is now empty and has been since last year when they closed. The bad thing about NY is as rent and things go higher and higher, most incomes have not gone up. That’s why we, along with many friends, end up living at home with family! We’re lucky my dad is letting us have this house and we’ve basically taken it over as our own. He’s more like a roommate we have now, it’d be different if my parents were actually together too. Besides my bff and a few others, no one I know can afford a home around here.