Kitchen renovation!

Been so busy with the renovations. Kitchen is finally done! I love this before and after shot. I can’t believe this is our kitchen 🙂 good bye old 80s kitchen!


Purse closet

I started my wonderful, glorious, spectacular purse collection at 21. I’m now 33 so I’ve gotten quite the collection. Knowing we’ll eventually have a baby we had to move my purses from the den and put them somewhere permanent where they can be safe, stored, and look pretty. We had these shelves set up in the den so we moved them up to the spare room my husband basically uses since it has a closet and my closet is to small to share. He only uses the closet and a dresser on the other side so I was able to set this up on the other side of the room by the bed. It also is our guest room when my mom comes to visit.  We also got a cheap but great quality dresser to put my scarves, gloves, bathing suits, little wrist lets etc. The walls were also somehow smudged over the years (I’m guessing from parties I had when young?) I wasn’t about to hire a painter for a room that’s basically a closet so I just covered the walls in art over the worst spots. Also PB Teen had one of their amazing sales so I got the roman shade for $99 when it’s normally $199. Then I got the Crystal light from Wayfair for $80 I think. It was so easy for my husband to put it up, and the diamonds were a pain to hang but that’s probably more because of my acrylic nails lol. They aren’t meant for grabbing little hooks! Anyway overall I love this room and call it my purse closet. Bags would be so much prettier if not in dust bags but then they’d get dusty, etc so in the dust bags they are all kept. I got that purple Gucci from Tradesy and need to eventually get a dust bag for it! For now it looks cute on the dresser like that.