Toku! Manhasset, Ny

Few summers ago we finally hit up Toku and it was delicious. I love rock shrimp. I also loved my blue martini. My good friend who is like family he had gotten a good job and was moving so he joined us and we also got a bottle of Sake. Funniest thing was after lunch we all walked around which is like the Rodeo Drive of Long island (apart from the hamptons) and it was summer so I was in some skirt, tank top. I was much skinnier back then, so yeah I was dressed to the 9s lol. I remember the 3 of us walking past a construction crew and every single head turned. My friend was like wow man does that bother you? My hubs was like “No I’m happy to have a head turning wife” something to that effect lol. I’m pretty sure that’ll not happen again in this lifetime plus now I’m older and usually in sweats these days lol. This same friend I remember was telling me I want what you guys have, he thought he’d never find the one. I told him be patient! Shortly after he moved, he went on Tinder and found his now fiance, mother of his child 🙂 I couldn’t be happier. I’ll never understand those who get practically mad if someone finally gets what they’ve been searching for. Anyway I’ll never forget Toku, around the block/shopping center stores is Cipollini which is where you go when you want to see the plastic surgery of long island. 🙂



For my hubs actual birthday we all went to Besito last June. I’m not the biggest Mexican food fan but it’s delicious. I also love their guac. I had the Mexican lasagne when I was there. I also love at the end they give you worry dolls (I guess they take away your stress?) They have a Besito by us in Roslyn, then one in Huntington and pretty sure a few in CT. I also love this cheese you can make little like burittos yourself or just eat the cheese. Yums.