Nashville! Loveless Cafe

A few years ago my mom and her now ex hubs were going to Nashville with her timeshare. They had a 2 bedroom so obviously she invited us. At first my bf now hubs didn’t want to go but I convinced him lol. He was like Nashville? ehhh. From the second we landed, till the day we left, we both loved it so much. It’s on one of our places to retire (the burbs of Nashville) I of course had to find the best breakfast to go to once we landed since it was early and I knew we’d be starving. We headed right over to the loveless cafe which till this day is one of my best breakfasts ever. I never even knew I could love grits until that day lol.  We went to the other breakfast place Pancake Pantry which is legendary too but loveless was my favorite, we went back a 2nd time. Out of all our vacations it’s the only time we ever went back a 2nd time anywhere to eat. It’s just this adorable place and the chocolate milk comes in this adorable mason cup, just so perfect. It was the perfect start of a trip. Would have been the best trip ever if my okay I won’t call him dumb but um naive bf (now hubs) didn’t agree to everything with our car rental! When you rent a car you say no no no no lol. Our cheap car rental went from like $100 to $600! He was like I assume you just take all that stuff? NO! My hubs had never rented a car so I gave him that lol. Still though omg he literally got every dumb thing you can for a rental lol. I had to hurry and beg capital one to make more money available because I didn’t account for that. This was years ago when we had like low limits and not as great credit as we do now lol. Anyway if ever in Nashville, loveless cafe! P.s. also if in Nashville my friend owns Gold Club Electric Tattoo 🙂 he moved from expensive Brooklyn NY to down there and hasn’t looked back, nor been happier.