Mercer Kitchen in Soho

For breakfast before we left the city we went to Mercer Kitchen. I love a goat cheese omelette and this place definitely didn’t disappoint. I also loved how bright and open the place was, such a gorgeous room. It was the perfect last stop before we headed on home.



Bar Pitti

I’ve wanted to go here for years but it’s cash only and I hate that so yeah we kept skipping it. I finally decided it was time to go and it was well worth going even though it was cash only. The food was amazing. I got the famous most popular dish but asked for rigatoni instead of the other pasta it comes with. I could have licked the sauce up it was that good. My husband even kept stealing my pasta it was that good. It was a bacon flavored cream sauce just omg. We could have walked here from the Soho grand but it was freezing so we hopped in a cab.


The Soho Grand!

For our anniversary I wanted to stay at the Soho grand but by the time I went to book, it went up considerably in price so I said forget it and we stayed at the Waldorf Astoria before it closed. They had a flash sale and I couldn’t resist so we finally stayed at the Soho grand which is something I’ve wanted to do forever. I love Soho and I’d say it’s my favorite part of the city, most of my favorite restaurants are there or at least by there. I just love it and it’s not touristy like midtown can be. We had a suite and had a great night of hot cocoa, netflix, and hanging in the living room of our suite before bed 🙂 I’d say it was 1000x better than our trip to the city in January. I also loved our room. Seriously we had a bar in our hotel room, an actual bar! I’m hoping to one day stay at the sister hotel the Roxy. We’re also about to reno our kitchen, bathroom, etc so I was happy to go to CB2 for some bathroom things 🙂


Last year for my husband’s birthday, well the one where it was just the two of us we went into the city to eat at Scarpetta. Small dishes but they are beyond delicious. Seriously the best Polenta I have ever had. They have a Scarpetta beach on long island out in Montauk I’ve been dying to go to. Sadly they don’t have the duck ravioli on the menu but I’d still go for the Polenta alone. They are known for their signature dish the spaghetti in their sauce. Everything was delicious. I’d say one of my best meals ever. We also had the short rib & bone marrow agnolotti. That duck though with the marsala sauce drizzled= heaven.

Grand Central Station

I don’t remember exactly when but one day let’s say 2 years ago my hubs applied to become a conductor for Metro North which runs out of grand central. Since everything in NY like that is apply and wait it was maybe a year or at least months later before he heard anything. December last year (2015 not 2016) they did a background check, then a bunch of other tests, my hubs is perfect though he’s the hardest working person I know. Anyway since April he’s been in training and when we stayed at the Waldorf Astoria he took me to grand central to show me around especially since I’ve only been there once and that barely counted. It’s such a beautiful station, seriously it puts Penn station to shame. The trains are even better. Grand central, there’s a reason they use it in movies and not penn station lol. I’m so happy my hubs works for them. It not only guarantees us to live in NY now but we’ll live a comfortable life which is all I’ve ever really wanted. Everyday this is where my hubs goes, well most days sometimes he goes to the other stations. It’s a literal work of art the ceiling btw. I didn’t get a photo of it but it’s gorgeous.



So instead of Boston since I was worried about snow we ended up on a small overnight trip to Brooklyn which is like 40 minutes from us. The new William Vale is even better because they have 50% off if you are from the tri state area! So awesome. Anyway we quickly checked in and got a room on the 20th floor. I loved the hotel and am seriously going back next month. We wanted to eat at this popular place Lilia but they said 2 1/2 hour wait but of course 40 minutes later after we went somewhere else they texted me…. Oh well. Even more reason to back eventually 🙂 I loved walking around Williamsburg which is the part of Brooklyn we were in. All rooms have balconies! Loved our view.

I love you at the Love Statue

September 2008 my friend Angelo asked me to come to a bar with his friends, I went along with my bff Kim. Saw his friend named Hans but he was shy so he didn’t speak to me. Forward to January 2010 I ran into Hans at a bar drunk and we both kept going outside to smoke cigs and talk to each other (I think cigs are so disgusting now btw) but he was sort of seeing someone and then I met someone shortly after. My eventual bf who was this guy Rob at the time when we started dating really liked Hans (after we ran into him at my friend’s birthday at the same bar I had run into him months earlier). Rob didn’t really have friends so he sort of latched onto Hans and his friends. After Rob decided he wanted a “break” almost a year into dating I instead of waiting around like an idiot (really who would actually wait?) I thought I’d get to know Hans even more, him being single, me being single, us being friends, it just seemed to click together? Within 2 weeks of me becoming single we had our first kiss, then we were dating. Right after Christmas I had joked my ex would come back (he didn’t want to have to buy me a gift lol) he did and I couldn’t imagine going back to him even though we had dated almost a year, I was to happy as I got closer and closer to Hans. Rob my ex wasn’t happy with any of this of course but if you want to date a girl you don’t take breaks and expect her to sit around waiting lol. I wait for no one! I also hate games.

Anyway back then it was sort of dramatic but not really we more just focused on us and Rob faded away eventually. Making us official in January, I can’t remember when but let’s say March 2011 we had our first date out in NYC. We went to Carmines, then Hans claimed he wanted some meat thing from a vendor so I just followed him. It’s not that rare for someone to want to go to a certain street vendor in the city, and we only had pasta at dinner so I didn’t think anything of it. Suddenly we stopped at the love statue and Hans told me “I love you” all of my relationships I always had these crazy guys saying they loved me after a month and I never felt the same so I’d say it months later. I used to hope I’d finally date a normal guy who would say it at the right time and I’d be able to say it back. I said “I love you too” and we kissed and it was just a perfect fairy tale moment. At the time the love statue was under construction (seriously) so I didn’t take a photo of it since it wasn’t as cute. Last year I finally got one of it looking perfect! I’ll always remember that day. Remembering our whole story it’s just mind blowing how we ended up married. I spent so many years dating and dating mostly crazy guys to finally finding my perfect one. This makes me believe that every single thing in life was meant to be and lead up to this moment. If I hadn’t dated Rob I might not have gotten closer to Hans. There is a chance we could have run into each other again but who knows (technically we did at my girl’s birthday and Hans was single by then but if I wasn’t with Rob maybe we would have ended up at some other bar, with some other plan, who knows).