Parlay Gastroclub. Rockville Centre, Ny

The great thing when my hubs started training in his new job, he’s had weekends off! Which finally meant BRUNCH! Almost a year later yeah we’ve barely gone to Brunch lol but still I will never forget our first with my mom in law, sister in law, and of course the hubs. We went to Parlay in Rockville Centre which is like 20 minutes away from us. My sister in law luckily made reservations because this place gets packed. I don’t even know how to describe the food besides to say this should not be an everyday place to eat lol, fattening but good for a once in awhile meal. I had to get their infamous eggs benedict except it’s on tator totts! It came out in a skillet and just omg amazing. I remember when I posted it everyone assumed it was all this cheese and had to make obnoxious comments. Like people can’t just appreciate the delicious meal I had once and instead tell me how I’m gonna get fat, blah blah so rude .No idea what anyone else ate but I remember the person behind us had pancakes with ice cream, sprinkles, etc it looked like a dessert meal but wasn’t. I joked that meal was way worse then mine to the fb dietary mob. Here’s my food and since it was eggs benedict that is not cheese all over! Hollandaise sauce!